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Lumiose city boutique

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3 years ago#1
So... I'm not impressed with the outfits available in Laverre City or Cyllage City, but how do you get into the Lumiose city boutique? They keep saying that I'm not "As stylish as could be"... What "Various things in Lumiose City" do I need try try? I've beaten the gym leader....
3 years ago#2
Defeat the 1 and 2 star restaurants

Get Furfrou a haircut.

Fight people in back alleys

Create a PR video

Think there are a few other things also.
3 years ago#3
Will any of those work,or do i have to do all of them?
3 years ago#4
Here, OP.

Do this and you should be good to go. I just did it a few mins ago, and it worked for me.
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3 years ago#5
Sailor1989 posted...
Will any of those work,or do i have to do all of them?

I think you have to do a mixture of things, but maybe not all of them. These were the things I did and was able to get in.

Also, forgot one - complete the 3 jobs at the hotel.
3 years ago#6
1-Go to Pokeball Boutique
2-Use Bargain Power lvl 3
3-Buy lots of Premier Balls one by one

Style should be maxed in a few minutes of buying them. You don't even have to look at your screen
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3 years ago#7
I didn't do the restaurants, but I did chores at the hotel and visited the museum (got the audio guide too).
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3 years ago#8
99 Premiere Balls, eh? ..... alright, I think I can manage that. Will it still work if I just turn around a sell a portion of those balls to get some money back?
3 years ago#9
Oh! I wanted to say "yes" to working at the hotel! I'll try that first. If not, I'll do the Premiere Ball thing. (One-by-On untill I have 99. Got it!)
3 years ago#10
you just need to raise style

doing any of those things will raise your style so you just have to do any combination of them until you have enough
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