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What is your least favorite Gen/Game? Why?

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3 years ago#151
Maybe it's just my nostalgia speaking, but I can't see what was so bad about Gen 3. I had loads of fun and was the first time I brought my games to school to synch up secret bases and battle friends etc. I spent a lot of time on those games. Though I understand that if I were to go back and replay them, I don't think I'd have as much fun.
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3 years ago#152
For me it was gen v not because of the 'disliking the previous gen' that's not true i played all the games sense gen i and have never ran into that, (i even really enjoyed R/S/E Yeah yeah the blasphemy...) Its just Black and White was boring to me. I have always completed every gen before then (and after now) but gen v was the only game i never finished it was so dull i lost the will to complete it.
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3 years ago#153
I don't usually hate any generation, but omg I absolutely HATE Generation 1!

Not because of the Pokemon, I love every single Pokemon, but the overly nostalgic dimwits that continue to be pests and a smear on the franchise. I also hate how unbalanced Gen 1 was, basically, get 1 Psychic Pokemon and you win. Gen 1 also produced my absolute least favorite rival to EVER exist, who gives the idea that all rivals MUST BE JERKS to be a rival, when that is nothing but bull.

If I can say about anything else about Gen 1... it be that Kanto was pretty bland, though that is just Kanto for me, even in Gen 3 it seemed bland.
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3 years ago#154
That's right. Gen 2 rightfully wins because it is the best.
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3 years ago#155
Gen IV: it added nothing to the pokemon series.

Except Garchomp.
3 years ago#156
Saint Michael posted...
Gen IV: it added nothing to the pokemon series.

Except Garchomp.

*cough* Physcial/Special Split *cough*

Red and Blue are the worst. Terrible graphics, mechanics that are beyond broken, Crappy gyms, trainers that select moves at complete random, a boring region, and a low amount of content compared to the subsequent superior games.
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3 years ago#157
My least favorite that I played was gen 3.
3 years ago#158
Least favorite generation: Gen II
Reason: I don't really care about the Gen II Pokémon. I did liked them back then but now, I don't care for most Gen II Pokémon. But Gen II Pokémon that I liked were Mareep line, Skarmory, Chinchao line (I sometimes forget that this was from Gen II; I kept thinking it was Gen III), and the legendary Pokémon.

My least favorite game: Pokémon Red/Blue of Gen I
Reason: Well, I did like it back (and I did start off on Gen I) but the newer games have good improvements.

Least favorite Pokémon: Trubbish, I guess.
Reason: Self-explanatory.
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3 years ago#159
Gen III is my least favorite, simply because I dislike it, and the way the Gen 3 fans have been acting lately as if they are owed a remake rather than saying it would be nice to have one.
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3 years ago#160
I dont get the hate for Gen2. Yeah, the level curve was odd, but you had 16 friggen gyms to go through, and six special leaders to battle.

I beat Y last night, with a severely overpowered team, FROM SIMPLY PLAYING NORMALLY. My level 80 Gogoat was chewing crap up. My level 70 Rotom was INSANE.

And really, whats the gen IV hate?

I guess my bias against Generation 3 blinds me against anything else though, but really, Gen 2 was epic, and all the others. Except 3. 3 can go to hell
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