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Second game Fun run.

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User Info: perkb

3 years ago#1
Got a little question, I Just finished story of X and is thinking of playing thru Y, I want to breed up some bigger Pokes for the playtough and give as eggs to Y, So ill breed my tyranitar (Larvitar egg) what other 5 big ones should I get?
Thinking of dratini(Dargonair) for Fly, so needs something for Surf, Rocksmash, Cut and Strenght.

Thanks in advance for Advices.

User Info: perkb

3 years ago#2
Sorry for bumping, but anyone got some bigger Pokes to sugest?

User Info: DEKMStephens

3 years ago#3
Hardcore mode, use only Butterfree, Vivillion and Scolipede

edit: Aggron?
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User Info: Oak_Tea

3 years ago#4
Challenge mode: Make those two your HM slaves.

[Any other water HMs?]

Rock Smash

The other four Pokemon can be anything.
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