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A guy used Double Team against me once

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2 years ago#11
Sounds like some of you have a problem with luck.
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2 years ago#12
Shigmiya64 posted...
I'll have you know that a guy's Pokémon used Double Team one time against me once and I only missed 22 times and lost four Pokémon trying to kill it.

You do know OHKO moves are banned.
2 years ago#13
Against massively overwhelming odds I managed to win
2 years ago#14
One time someone used Double Team against me.

I called Smogon and they sent their operatives to break his fingers and 3DS.
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2 years ago#15
Pure fun when a sand veil pokemon uses it.
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2 years ago#16
A guy used Double Team Togekiss used Aura Sphere and flinched that Pokemon. He rage quit. :D
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2 years ago#17
LightningHawk90 posted...
A guy used Double Team on me once.

I critted him and won.

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2 years ago#18
I guy used Double Team against me once too.

I used Sand Attack.
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2 years ago#19
Some random guys tried to Double Team me once....

Suffice to say, they were arrested the very next day and I was in therapy for the next two years.
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