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Minimum level to get an accurate reading on the IV calculator?

#11GoldenSun3DSPosted 10/27/2013 2:07:55 PM
Save, then use rare candies for lv data, reload.
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#12MetalKidPosted 10/27/2013 3:42:42 PM
The lowest level I have ever gotten exact IVs is level 17. Most cases will be around low to mid 20s.
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#13MetalKidPosted 10/27/2013 3:43:09 PM
Oh whoops, I should mention that is filling in data from level 1 onward.
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#14Anodyne11Posted 10/27/2013 3:46:22 PM
proxyyourass posted...
minimum level to make no mistake on iv is 100

It depends on the Pokemon and the calculator, TC. I know you can get an exact read at level 50 if you put a small amount of EVs in but you can get a fairly decent reading in the 20's
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