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The Pokemon Nickname topic

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User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#21
Going to issue a field sobriety test here.
Okay, now starting from Zygarde, name all the Pokemon backwards..-Nakkaru

User Info: micycle

3 years ago#22
My friend sent me a clawitzer (I have Y) called "Clawnye West". I can't take credit for it, but I think its a pretty sweet name. I'm often not creative enough to give mine good/punny nicknames though.

User Info: MadTim

3 years ago#23
I named my lucario "Duke Luke'em"
"I'm not doing it because all the cool kids are doing it, I'm doing it because I'm a cool kid."

User Info: Xerneas1

3 years ago#24
i nicknamed my Furfrou DATSHIEET then trade it with the gps

User Info: Damanax

3 years ago#25
Greninja - Gerome
Gardevoir - Isabelle
Charizard - Charmaine
Nidoqueen - Nadia
Goodra - Winston
Gogoat - Sam

User Info: Earth_Echidna

3 years ago#26
Malamar: Quoil (fans of a certain game should get the joke)
Frogadier: Katana
Goomy: Lord of Goom (Yes, that actually fits!)
Skiddo: Treads

Those are four of my favourite nicknames.
3DS FC: 2707-2741-9594
Be warned, I may jump to epic fails of conclusions and general other errors. In advance, I apologise.

User Info: Cheonji

3 years ago#27
Delphox: Jindallae
Pangoro: Kumgangsan
Aurorus: Paektusan
Helioptile: Kwangmyong
Dragalge: Chonji
Noivern: Chollima

The team that I used to beat the E4 had an Aegislash, which I named Musudan, in place of the Noivern.
3DS FC: 2423 - 2676 - 6151
Pokemon Y IGN: Maribel
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