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So.. (new to building a team) how do I get team synergy?

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3 years ago#1
I want to try this whole breeding/raising to perfection thing because I find the strategy and intricacies of this metagame really intriguing. But I'm very ignorant as to what works. I mean, I know the obvious: you don't want a team of 3 ground dragons, for example, because they'll get swept by just about any speedy ice type. So I know you should avoid stacking on a particular type. My issue is understanding the deeper levels of the game, where people will switch in a pokemon who, type-wise is weak against the opponent's just because that particular pokemon has a higher, say, special defense stat than the rest.

My point is, I want a team of pokemon that I really like, but I want it to make sense. Anything that could help me make sense of it all?

If it matters (or any of these can combine to make a great team) my top 18 favorite Pokemon are:


(So, basically, everyone's favorites :d)

Thanks in advance to all who contribute.

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3 years ago#2
"whoa man all we are is dust in the wind 'nd stuff" - Iwantedzero
Black FC: 4642 1161 4125
3 years ago#3
"whoa man all we are is dust in the wind 'nd stuff" - Iwantedzero
Black FC: 4642 1161 4125
3 years ago#4
Final bump
"whoa man all we are is dust in the wind 'nd stuff" - Iwantedzero
Black FC: 4642 1161 4125
3 years ago#5
I'm gonna give you the same advice my brother gave me when I wanted to get into Starcraft more competitively, and the advice I gave my friend when he wanted to be more competitive in fighting games.

Go watch some high level play by pro level players, with good commentary.

The good commentary is really important because a good commentator will give insights as to what the pro player is thinking and or his opinion on what he should be thinking. Try to avoid the ones where they're just joking around and not as professional. Not that they can't have some humor, but you should know the difference between a commentator who knows his stuff, but can be funny, and a clown who don't know the game, and can only crack jokes. You can usually find this at more prestigious level of play, like for fighting games, I look at EVO footages, and for Starcraft, well there are plenty of those.

I don't know the pro scene of Pokemon that well, or even if there is one, but I did find some on youtube (Don't know how high end they were) and I could probably find better ones, but they did have decent commentator that can give you an insight on what kind of mindset you need.

it's not gonna be like watching a tutorial, where it guides you step by step, and IMO, that is a good thing. A lot of times, tutorial videos are not tailored to what you need to know, and a lot of times, either too specific, or not specific enough, and because a tutorial teaches you step by steps, rather then get you in the right mindset, at least for me, I think it's not as helpful, but hey, we're all different and learn differently.

These tutorials that I'm talking about, would be the equivalent of watching combo videos for fighting games (Sorry to keep referencing that, but it was the only example I could think of). You may learn some cool stuff, but they don't ingrain the fundamentals down, like a good commentator does, so once the fundamentals are set, then start looking into the tutorials and stuff like that to fine tune your game.

But that's just my opinion. I'm more versed in fighting games and a little bit of Starcraft then Pokemon, so I don't know if my advice will carry over to Pokemon, but saw that you were bumping a lot with no response so figure I chip in.

On a side note, is there such thing as a pro level Pokemon scene? And are there players that are famous and good to learn after, like in fighting games and Starcraft?
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3 years ago#6
Team synergy it when one pokemon in a team has something that the other member can benefit from such as Chlorophyll Venuasaur benefiting from Charizard's Y Drought or Volcarona benefiting for Blastoise's Rapid Spin getting rid of those Stealth Rock that would cut it's health in half upon switch in.

Each Pokemon must have a role that help make battling a lot easier for the other pokemon.

Charizard switching in on Scizor's bullet punch for Aumorus is also team synergy.

If you just have 6 powerful pokemon that all they can do is just use powerful moves then a weakness of one member will overwelm then other.

Each member needs a solution to a members problem.

Let say for instance i use Charizard holding the Charizardite Y for my sun team. I will need something to be able to use the sun with like Terrakion.

Sun reduce the damage water type damage does to rock type like Terrakion.

i would also need something to get rid of those stealth rock but doesn't get killed by fire, like Cloyster.

I would also need a member that can prevent switch in and to stop politoed form switching out. i would then switch to Shadow tag Chandelure.

if zard is dead i would also need something to keep the sun up. I would use Prankster whimsicott with Sunny Day to keep the sun up for my team.

That is what team synergy is
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