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C/D: Malamar will exist in OU...

#51IcyBlaze_XZPosted 10/26/2013 10:22:16 PM
Contrary Superpower is more important/useful on Malimar than topsy-turvy is.

you heard it here first folks.
#52Guillermo93Posted 10/26/2013 10:38:44 PM
GallantChaddymn posted...
Guillermo93 posted...
Hell no.

It'll be used as a counter occasionally, but with bad stats it's probably not getting past RU at best.

im tired of people looking at just the stats of a poke to determine its viablility.
they arent poor, infact with contrary, if any of his stats broke 100 he'd be broken and sent to ubers. Look at Talonflame and diggersby!

It's not just the stats, the movepool isn't great either. It's STAB attacks Psycho Cut and Night Slash are only 70 BP, which is really mediocre. The only other coverage move I'm seeing is rock slide, which is only ok. It really has to rely on getting a superpower off to become useful, especially with the low attack and speed.

It gets some neat tricks like topsy turvy and switcheroo, but I just don't see it getting past RU (which isn't an insult, as some people seem to think).
#53ShadowUmbreon42Posted 10/26/2013 10:42:17 PM
gunsndroses posted...
Who cares? Double Team is easy to counter/at the very least defend against; idk why everybody has their panties in a bundle about it.

Because those people know balance, unlike you
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#54GallantChaddymnPosted 10/26/2013 10:45:08 PM
The_Sol_Blader posted...
I am also kinda unsure as to how would Malamar be a counter to Aegislash. It doesn't resists it's STAB moves and unless it uses Shadow Sneak, Malamar will have to hit it on it's Shield Form , not to mention I doubt anyone is stupid enough to use King's Shield against it. And again, I doubt it will KO it without any previous boosts

I really do like Malamar, it is probably my favorite team member right now (specially after she solo'd Diantha), but it's just not as good as it's been hyped

The bolded don't make sense together.
He has to use kings shield so go back to Shield form.
also, Malamar has Foul Play.
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#55The_Sol_BladerPosted 10/26/2013 10:47:56 PM
From: GallantChaddymn | #054
The bolded don't make sense together.
He has to use kings shield so go back to Shield form.
also, Malamar has Foul Play.

Hmm. Yeah you're right, my mistake

And that's actually pretty interesting. I didn't knew it could learn that
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#56code_kirinPosted 10/26/2013 10:48:29 PM
d_charizard posted...
Define "will exist in OU". I see Malamar as being a UU that is occasionally used in OU, akin to, say, Victreebel.

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