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Killing Fairies?

#1RVR-87Posted 10/27/2013 11:29:50 AM
I hate Fairies

What counters Togekiss, Mawile, Azumarill, Florges, and Sylveon?
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#2ChaosxxxsoulPosted 10/27/2013 11:31:32 AM
Ever heard of poison, steel and fire type?
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#3HF92Posted 10/27/2013 11:32:07 AM(edited)
I hear Mega Aggron does a pretty good job of this. Loses it's rock typing and becoming pure steel so no more quad damage from fighting moves and what not. Steel is probably the most reliable type to use against fairies.
#4KonyunaPosted 10/27/2013 11:31:53 AM


#5Pale_HeartPosted 10/27/2013 11:32:20 AM
Steel and poison?
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#6ss4gogeta_darkPosted 10/27/2013 11:32:29 AM
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#7waddictPosted 10/27/2013 11:33:03 AM
Bullet Punch Scizor.
Set up with Swords Dance then slaughter everything not water type.
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#8Oblivion9312Posted 10/27/2013 11:33:03 AM
They're weak to steel and poison. Get yourself a sludge bomber or bullet puncher and you're good to go.
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#9legendriderPosted 10/27/2013 11:33:08 AM
Chaosxxxsoul posted...
Ever heard of poison, steel and fire type?

Does it resist fairy types?
I know it's not super on them, but do they resist it?
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#10jayman7Posted 10/27/2013 11:33:15 AM
Chaosxxxsoul posted...
Ever heard of poison, steel and fire type?

Though Fire resists Fairy, Fairy is not weak to it. Indeed, Azumarill and Carbink have the advantage over Fire-types.
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