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Am I the only one running Mega Venusaur online?

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3 years ago#21
Ajenla posted...
Ajenla posted...
Kwizxx posted...
I've seen one Megasaur so far. Mega Blastoise I've seen a bit more, but not on the scale of Megazard X who is on 50% of online teams. Funny considering Y is much, much better.

No it isn't, one rock attack and it's gone, MegaZard X with DD stomps all day. Besides, Megazard X isn't nearly as common as MLucario, MBlaziken, MMewtwo, and MMawile.

Have MZX say hey to Garchomp

Thought so.

1. I would NEVER send my Megazard...or any Charizard in, on a Garchomp. 2. Megazard X is just a slightly improved version of Salamence, without the item. If Megazard X get's off 2 DD, it's pretty hard to counter. Though I still run into the annoying Mega Mawile with Sucker Punch. Working on that problem now.

I'm guessin you don't use MZX or any Zard as a lead that accidently goes up against a MChomp.

No, since I'm still working on building the ideal "IV" team. Clawitzer's Ice Beam generally OHKO's the Chomp. Though lucky enough, I have only ever ran into one Mchomp. It got demolished because of what I'm guessing is poor EV training. Same with every Tyranitar I run into. Now back on topic, I'm genuinely curious, what is the most common mega everyone run's into?
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User Info: Reginleif20

3 years ago#22
I've seen a lot of Mega Lucario. I also use it
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User Info: brittcg

3 years ago#23
Honestly, I've been using Mega Gengar since I was able to obtain one during my in game run. That being said, I think he's a great wall and am breeding one now (because thick fat is too good not to use).
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User Info: MeepKirbychu

3 years ago#24
I've never seen a Mega Venusaur or Mega Blastoise, and I've been in around 20 or so online battles. I've seen so many Charizard X though.
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