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Super Secret Training and Moonstones.

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3 years ago#1
Apparently, you can get Moon Stones by doing the Super Secret Training (basically levels 4-6 of the whole thing). Do you get these only in the last level? In the first two (of SST, not ST), I get Hard Stones, Thunder Stones, and Stardust. Or are they just rare and I can stick to these? SST3 is too hard for me, it seems (and frustrates the stuff out of me).
3 years ago#2
Actually, I think I'll just keep leveling my HM slave -- it's a Linoone (61 at the moment) that has Pick Up. If nothing changed, it'll have a 30% chance to pick up a Moonstone at level 91+. (I need a bunch for evolutions, more than the two you get from the caves.)
3 years ago#3
also, in past games clefairys had a very good rate on moonstones. try to get a friend safari with them, grab a compound eyes pokemon and thief the heck out of em. you can also get leppa berrys for field mixing, so no harm in trying.
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3 years ago#4
My Diggersbies and Dedennes in X&Y have been picking up the occassional Moon Stone for a while now, but they're only around level 40-60 or so. Check and frisk them regularly until you reach level 91. :-)
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