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Nidoqueen: Bulky or Burly?

#1KDN89Posted 10/28/2013 11:37:09 AM
So I'm raising a quiet sheer force Nidoqueen for my Trick Room team but wanted opinions on her build.
Moveset is locked at Sludge Bomb, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Protect.
I'm deciding between a bulky build w/ black sludge so she can withstand STAB earthquakes and blizzards or a burly/sweeper build w/ life orb or expery belt to be a versatile fighting machine.
What are y'all's thoughts?
Early thanks for all help.
#2KDN89(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2013 11:54:58 AM
#3KDN89(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2013 1:33:15 PM
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#4Rayquaza_is_ZPosted 10/28/2013 1:33:53 PM
Butchy is more like it.
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#5RayThrustPosted 10/28/2013 1:35:12 PM
Bulky Nidoqueen and make a burly Nidoking?