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So my Cat of 16 years died recently

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2 years ago#51
I will be the first and only vote for Purugly.

Also, Eevee is clearly a rabbit. Look at those ears and tail
2 years ago#52
Did you cry like Cubone?
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2 years ago#53
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2 years ago#54
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2 years ago#55
Sorry for your loss.

I vote Meowstic.
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2 years ago#56
Sorry for your loss. Pets are wonderful and loyal additions to any family and I know it hurts to lose one.
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2 years ago#57
Sorry about your cat. It must be horrible to lose a cat that you've had for so long. I know I'll be devastated when our elderly cat finally goes. She's also at least 16 and spends most of her time sleeping nowadays...

One of our other cats, Shadow died unexpectedly in 2010 - he was only 7 at the time (the vet thought he'd had a heart attack or something. He died in the car on the way to the vets). I still find it strange not having him around the house any more.

As for kitty Pokemon, I suggest a Meowstik.
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