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If you were a gym leader...

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3 years ago#41
I wouldn't run a single type, I'd run a stategy gym.

Infect the other team with toxic or other status effects and just wall them the entire game with protect and other defensive maneuvers.
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3 years ago#42
Lol, and even when you get to pick, still no dark gym XD
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3 years ago#43
gamingenius06 posted...
Male Only Pokemon Gym


Actually strike that. I'm male only if you choose to be a girl. I'm female only if you choose to be a boy.

Female team

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3 years ago#44
Definitely bug type


Second gym to keep it simple in the 20's
3 years ago#45

Meowstick, Reuniclus, Mega - Gardevoir. YEAH I HAVE A MEGA.
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3 years ago#46
Stezey posted...
what type would you be? and what 3 pokemon would you use?

I would be electric and lead with Galvantula, and then have Eelektross, and then last but not least my last poke would be Ampharos.

I would have 6, and they would be all different types.
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3 years ago#47

Galvantular, Raichu and then the beast, Jolteon!!!
3 years ago#48
My pokemons :
3 years ago#49
i would be an eeveelution gym leader and mix 3 in as i see fit
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3 years ago#50
Ice Gym Leader
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