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Most disappointing first shiny?

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2 years ago#1
Caught my first shiny this generation, thanks to the friend safari of course. Almost ran away because I didn't watch for the sparkles. It is...

Butterfree =(

Different colored eyes and feet? Lame.

The worst part? Last time I encountered a shiny in the wild (years ago) was also a Butterfree.

Anyone else disappointed by their first shiny?
2 years ago#2
mine is a ditto -_-
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2 years ago#3
Rattata... Also does Ditto not transform into the shiny version of other Pokemon?
2 years ago#4
vohnie posted...
Rattata -- I win!
2 years ago#5

It had damp. It was brown. It was disappointing.

I'd kill for a shiny Butterfree, though. Perhaps we can arrange a trade :3
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2 years ago#6
Mine was a Wingull in Ruby.
There's barely any color on it to begin with. Just a single stripe on each wing, which change from blue to green.
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2 years ago#7
Mine was a Zubat in Saphire.

I was pretty happy, but someone else would probably be dissapointed.

I think it's in a box in Diamond or maybe White.
2 years ago#8
Shiny Charmeleon :I Because I already have 2 on my Black 2 from Masuda Method x.x
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2 years ago#9
It was a Shiny Lombre in Sapphire I believe
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2 years ago#10
Never finding one...
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