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What do people use 0 IV stats for?

#1deimonicPosted 11/1/2013 12:59:14 AM
I've seen some people requesting things like a Honedge or Ditto with 0 speed but why?
I recently bred a Gastly which is perfect except that his ATK IV is 0, is that useful in anyway?
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#2SeruvraelPosted 11/1/2013 1:00:25 AM
Takes min. damage from foul play and confusion.
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#3Knux19Posted 11/1/2013 1:01:02 AM
Low stats can have merit. Speed in particular is useful for slower Pokemon to achieve an almost certain chance to attack first under Trick Room.
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#4Xenesis XenonPosted 11/1/2013 1:01:08 AM
Ensuring they go last.

Maximum speed under Trick Room

Maximum Power for Gyro Ball.
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#5Gogito4Posted 11/1/2013 1:01:12 AM
0 Speed makes you:

1- Always go last. Good on Aegislash to get you to change stances AFTER you got hit.

2- Gyro Ball hits for more in Pokemons that aren't gonna outspeed the others. Example, Ferrothorn.

Speed is the only stat you should aim for 0 really.
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#6sajoir2Posted 11/1/2013 1:01:34 AM
A Zero speed IV on a slow pokemon like Ferroseed can be very useful because you will be a few points slower for things like Trick Room, Making you very fast. Can also be useful because of moves that like to go last like Payback
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#7SuperRup91Posted 11/1/2013 1:02:45 AM
Gogito4 posted...
Speed is the only stat you should aim for 0 really.

not true...a 0 for attack can benefit a special attacker when it comes to confusion damage.
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