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before you click this topic, think of a pokemon.

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User Info: DMGirl

3 years ago#11

A- Man, that voice does NOT fit such a cute little thing!

B- No, I don't think it would be good chair...

C- Sure, I don't mind it staying with me.
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User Info: Raizun

3 years ago#12


B) Squishy. Maybe too squishy.

C) It can sing me to sleep. Wynaut?
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#13

A) voice out of massive hair jaws? Marvelous

B) chair.....hmmmmmmmmm.....I don't think this is a good idea

C) yes, so a menacing sort of way (didn't say that, not me, nope)

and then Dusknoir has a Morgan Freeman voice. Me: 'Never leave T_T'
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User Info: Ivan19854

3 years ago#14

A) Freaked out
B) Prolly kill it T_T_
C) Hell Yeah!
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User Info: RandomNinjas

3 years ago#15

A. Of course, rayquaza voiced by morgan freeman would be awesome.

B. Flying chair, of course.

.C.Why not? I think I have flying dragon insurance.
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User Info: tarzanmx

3 years ago#16
A) That's way too weird.
B) Would freeze anyone's butt.
C) Sure, why not.
Why, hello.

User Info: zxzxi

3 years ago#17

A. Yes

B. So it's a medicine ball.

C. If I've trained it well, yes.
If still untrained.... probably not.
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User Info: Akijo

3 years ago#18

A) Klefki with Morgan Freeman voice? That should be canon!
B) Even if I could it would probably steal all my keys, so no
C) Sure, as long as it's mine, so it wont steal my keys
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User Info: Raijingeki36

3 years ago#19

A: Anything voiced by Morgan Freeman is the work of God, so hellz yeah!

B: It'd probably be better as a pillow... I dun wanna crush my favorite pokemon @_@

C: Sure, why not? It's like a dog... right?

User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#20
newer_LIE posted...
(loaded topic)

A) this pokemon is now voiced by morgan freemen, your reaction?

B) this pokemon is now acting as a chair, how good is it?

C) this pokemon wants too crash at your house, do you let it?


A) Uh...
B) hard as a rock.
C) Sure.
What does the FAQs say?
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