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OMG, I found a shiny [insert pokemon here]

#1WutengPosted 11/5/2013 9:43:03 AM
Shinies are quite common this gen, in fact it will gets more common for the each later gen. A shame as it will not be as valuable as in GSC era, you know, every now and then there is shinys discovery topic pop up here and there.

GF emphasize too much on this field, especially the shinys formula. This easter egg should be left untouched to preserve its sweetness. Also, this "shiny" should not be mentioned officially by GF in any medium, it shall be keep "secret", maybe a line or two by NPC..

Using "link" of some sort of device to "hunt" for shiny is just unsanity. 1/8192 and thats it, no more tricks (except the eggs hatching method). Would Ash go and "hey Misty, lets "hunt" for some shiny staryu?" no no no, shiny should be found "accidently" and was never intended in anyway to enjoy the pleasure of the suprised factor and the mystery of pokemon world, GF ruined my feelings on shiny pokemon.

Regardless, congrats to eveyone who owns shinies =)
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#2MarioBro24Posted 11/5/2013 9:45:02 AM
I could see an argument being made, but using Ash as an argument? Nah.
#3Wuteng(Topic Creator)Posted 11/5/2013 9:59:15 AM
MarioBro24 posted...
I could see an argument being made, but using Ash as an argument? Nah.

lol, dont watch much anime, just a metaphor
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#409stimsPosted 11/5/2013 10:01:53 AM
Me and my friends have yet to see one...
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#5RemixV4Posted 11/5/2013 10:05:36 AM
09stims posted...
Me and my friends have yet to see one...

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#6zeldagamer2123Posted 11/5/2013 10:09:45 AM
In my entire career as a Pokemon trainer I legitly encountered 2 shinies, namely Kakuna and Dugtrio. I don't count the Red Gyarados because everyone has one.

I actually have yet to see a shiny in X and Y. I don't chain for shinies either. I let them come to me.
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#7Lil_PuddinPosted 11/5/2013 10:11:28 AM
Shines don't mean jack. They're color swaps for frick's sake! If anything the encounter rate for shinies should be higher. I just want a white Mega Gengar. I don't want to make a trophy out of it.
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#8SorrowOfAcheronPosted 11/5/2013 10:11:32 AM
I haven't found a shiny in my 11 years in Pokemon, and then I find a wild shiny Whismur and hatch a shiny Vulpix in the space of 3 days.
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#9-GreilPosted 11/5/2013 10:16:54 AM
My only shinies so far are a shiny boldore in pokemon white I found randomly while catching riolus, a shiny charmeleon in the friend safari on my first playthrough of Y while checking out a new safari I added luckily he was jolly and has perfect ivs in att/speed, and I recently on my second playthrough of Y hatched a shiny smeargle on the hatch for a perfect physical smeargle.

Gotta say I love my shiny charizard :).
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#10Nightstar1994Posted 11/5/2013 10:18:38 AM
This topic helps me unaddict myself from Shiny Hunting.
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