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How early in the game can you use pokemon with good stats/nature/egg moves, etc?

#1shadezofgreyPosted 11/6/2013 12:34:07 AM
Hey everyone,

Like the title says I'm wondering when is the earliest point in the game that you can use pokemon with good IV's/natures/egg moves, etc? in short I'm wondering when can you go about using your "dream team"? From what I understand it seems the earliest you can go about this is after having beat the elite 4/champion because that will let you gain access to the friend safari, iv checker, 31 iv ditto's, etc and then you can begin breeding your ideal pokemon... however I``m hoping there`s a way you can start using your dream team at a much earlier point in the game. For instance, is it possible to trade for pokemon with good stats and such early into the game?

Reason I ask is this: a player can sink in a fair amount of time having to complete the main story, which includes beating the elite 4/champ. Given that, I find that it sucks knowing you can spend all that time raising a team to beat the main game (not to mention growing attached to that particular team) only to know that afterwards, once you have access to the post-game content (i.e., the friend safari and iv checker) that you may ditch that team in favour of replacements/the same kind of pokemon, only with much better stats, natures, moves, etc so that you can better take on the post-game content (i.e., the battle maison + online battles as by this point you will have fully evolved/trained pokemon). I dunno, to me at least it would feel like you're rushing through the game in order to finally "upgrade" your pokemon for versions that have far better stats which to a degree takes away from the experience of playing through the main story.

I realize that a lot of people don't have any concern over this, or more likely may find I'm a hugeass pokenerd for even thinking about this lol.

Anyways, any replies would be appreciated.