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Another shiny poll.

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User Info: Umuru

3 years ago#41
Wild and breeding. So... other? :P
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User Info: FalconPunch245

3 years ago#42
I still haven't caught a shiny in Y...
Alakazam is literally the greatest Pokemon ever.

User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#43
Two in Y. My only two legit Shinies, from the Safari.

I didn't find them worth it.


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User Info: kristofer777

3 years ago#44
I have found 11 shiny Pokémon in my life. All but 1 came from the wild with the exception of Snivy which came from Professor Juniper.

Sapphire - Magikarp
Platinum - Ponyta
Soul Silver - Geodude, Magnemite
White - Snivy
White2 - Grimer
X - Large Pumpkaboo
Y - Nosepass, Horsea, Lampent, Magmar

User Info: CrapFactory

3 years ago#45
Thousands of hours of playing Pokemon from Gen I. I've only seen 1 shiny (non-hack). It was I think Generation 4... maybe 5? I honestly don't remember. It might have been SoulSilver.
Anyways... the only Shiny that was legit and not Red Gyrados was a Geodude. He sucked but I loved him.

I've tried the Pokeradar but do not have the time to really go through with it. You have to like not have a job to use that thing but some people get dozens of shinies with it...
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User Info: BrokenChaos666

3 years ago#46
My first shiny was a Shellos, forgot which game. ^^; Second was an Audino that I just recently remembered! My third was on the second day playing Y. A shiny Gulpin in a horde! My fourth and fifth were 5 minutes apart, Klefki and Pumpkaboo! :D And my sixth is a Girafarig from a friend safari.

They were all encountered in the wild and caught. I have no luck with breeding.

I am having much better luck with this generation. Which means I probably won't get a shiny in any future generations now, lol.
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User Info: Aura_4_Life

3 years ago#47
I've caught five shinies in the past 48 hours, in friend safari, three jigglypuffs, and two floettes. I also fished up two shiny claunchers, and gotten a shiny snubbull at random while progressing through the story, caught them all.

But, I've yet to get my dream shiny, a shiny female Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir T_T
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User Info: rinald9

3 years ago#48
Lillipup (very first wild shiny ever)

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User Info: xlJClx

3 years ago#49
First shiny ever in X: Golden eggsecute thru wild encounter which I caught and traded it away for small change..simply because I refused to have these rotten eggs to be my first shiny ever :/

After hatching about 750 eggs for a shiny Ralts with no luck, RNG decided to bless me with two shiny females within the next 10 eggs.

And now attempting to hatch a shiny Charmander, 500 eggs in and still nothing. :(
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User Info: D0CR0CK

3 years ago#50
Still none. Played since R/B/Y

I gave up on Masuda after 8000 eggs last gen.

My luck just effin sucks.
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