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Evolutions or Mega Evos you'd like to see.

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User Info: CrescentKnight

3 years ago#1
I would like to see a final evolution for Sharpedo, considering it's current form is a shark and torpedo in one, I was thinking that it's new evolution would be a megalodon and submarine in one and it can be achieved by leveling it while in extremely deep water, were the high pressure of the sea causes it to evolve into a bulkier yet stronger form.
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User Info: Beetey

3 years ago#2
Mega slowking/slowbro.
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User Info: aliashubbatch

3 years ago#3
Baby PKMN that evolves into either Miltank or Tauros based on its gender.
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User Info: aliashubbatch

3 years ago#4
Also a baby and mega form for Lapras, she needs some love.
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User Info: SOAD5657

3 years ago#5
Mega Swampert.
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User Info: SquirrelyEggs

3 years ago#6
male combee
megas for EVERY starter pokemon and not just over-fanservice double charizard megas
mega metagross
mega conf@grigous
mega salamance
mega haxarous
mega pikachu
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User Info: ZombieAkane

3 years ago#7
Mega Farfetched
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User Info: Swamp-marsh-mud

3 years ago#8
All starters that don't have a mega yet.
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User Info: clubybob

3 years ago#9
Mega Electrode would be hilarious.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#10
Mega Haxorus and Mega Metagross.

For normal evos, I want to see Ferrothorn, Shuckle, and Skarmory all evolve.
Because they totally need it.
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