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Evolutions or Mega Evos you'd like to see.

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User Info: Shirokaido

3 years ago#11
Mega Nidoking.

With this, Giovanni will rule the world... and I will be happy.
But mostly the first thing.

User Info: HighVoltage87

3 years ago#12
Surprised their isn't a Mega Raichu. But then again, Raichu isn't Pikachu.
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User Info: mantis143

3 years ago#13
mega evolutions for FLYGON AND SALAMENCE

that is all.
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User Info: YourMom91

3 years ago#14
Progygon 3 as an evolution branch from Porygon 2. I thought it would happen this gen.
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User Info: AdmiredFob

3 years ago#15
Sceptile... because it needs to be superior to Blaziken. It's only fair since Grass is the leader starters.
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User Info: stupac85

3 years ago#16
For Mega evolutions, all the starters (including Chesnaught/Delphox/Greninja) and all the pseudo-legendaries (since two of them already have Mega forms). For normal evolutions, I've always thought that the Houndour line needs a third form with three heads based on a Cerberus.
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User Info: Verkins

3 years ago#17
Mega Dunsparce.

User Info: Gogito4

3 years ago#18

Nothing else.
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User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
3 years ago#19
Swamp-marsh-mud posted...
All starters that don't have a mega yet.
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