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PP MAX in game?

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User Info: Rawrchu

3 years ago#1
Is the only way to get more PP MAX is to get them from that lotto place?

Or can they be randomly picked up by a high leveled pickup user?

User Info: Fowhawk

3 years ago#2
I am pretty sure the only way you can get it is from the lotto. So just get PP Ups from Poke Miles would be my best bet.
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User Info: legitgamer405

3 years ago#3
Today, I got a PP Max form the lotto! Can't believe my luck :) And you can only get it from the lotto iirc, so start wonder trading for random stuff!
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User Info: Rawrchu

3 years ago#4
Ah ok, thanks. About how many PP UP's would it take to max out an attack?

User Info: Froakie

3 years ago#5
Are you really a dude?

User Info: xfyrenx

3 years ago#6
3 PP Ups = 1 PP Max.
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User Info: Natwaf_akidna

3 years ago#7
PP Up can only be applied on a move 3 times only.
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User Info: Rawrchu

3 years ago#8
I always thought it was like 4 or 5. Thank you ^~^
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