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Ok, can we talk about rhyhorn races

#1mudballmanPosted 11/8/2013 7:47:26 PM
So, at the speeds that rhyhorn moves, who would watch rhyhorn races? Its like an even more pointless NASCAR! I for one am ashamed that our mother is such a "big star" for racing something that moves all of 10 miles per hour.
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#2AsterixKingPosted 11/8/2013 7:48:44 PM
Well... they might be able to move faster (i.e. charge) with sufficient motivation. And whilst not walking across clay or in a cramped town.
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#3Rupin_SalesmanPosted 11/8/2013 7:49:08 PM
Her Rhyhorn is really a Zoroark.
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#4gnerdusPosted 11/8/2013 7:50:03 PM
We never rode on a Rhyhorn that was racing. They might be really fast while running full speed.

I was really disappointed that there was no Pokemon jockey minigame for us to play.