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Favorite two Pokemon from each gen.

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3 years ago#41
Gen 1: Scyther/Kabutops
Gen 2: Qwilfish/Dunsparce
Gen 3: Wingull/Solrock
Gen 4: Bronzong/Empoleon
Gen 5: Krookodile/Ferrothorn/Vanilluxe
Gen 6: Honedge/Swirlix ...I'm not too far into the game yet
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3 years ago#42
Gen 1: Vaporeon/Nidoking
Gen 2: Typhlosion/Ursaring
Gen 3: Metagross/Flygon
Gen 4: Gallade/Torterra
Gen 5: Lampent/Reuniclus
Gen 6: Pangoro/Greninja
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3 years ago#43
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3 years ago#44
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3 years ago#45
Gen 1: Starmie/Mew
Gen 2: Typlosion/Scizor
Gen 3: Salamence/Aggron
Gen 4: Froslass/Leafeon
Gen 5: Chandulure/Galvantula
Gen 6: Chestnaught/Goodra
3 years ago#46
Gen I: Charizard and Mewtwo
Gen II: Tyranitar and Scizor
Gen III: Aggron and...uh...Exploud I guess (don't care much for gen III)
Gen IV: Gliscor and Magmortar
Gen V: Krookodile and Haxorus
Gen VI: Excluding mega evolutions...Tyrantrum and Pangoro (...and Clawitzer) - -
3 years ago#47
Gen 1: Venusaur/arcanine
Gen 2: feraligatr/typhlosion
Gen 3: sceptile/swampert
Gen 4: lucario/luxray
Gen 5: zoaroark/haxorus
Gen 6: Talonflame/Noivern
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3 years ago#48
gen 1: muk/porygon
gen 2: sneasel/jumpluff
gen 3: sableye/banette
gen 4:spiritomb:toxicroak
gen 5:klinklang/maractus
gen 6:swirlix/MOTHERF***ING Z-SNAKE!!!
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