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Pokemon with funny nicknames you've gotten over wonder trade.

#31astrangeonePosted 11/12/2013 8:10:19 AM
A cute one: a honedge called Hanzo. My friend kept it because we were both trading random things around. :)
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#32XhoylPosted 11/12/2013 8:18:14 AM
My next master plan is to acquire an army of Lotad's and name them all GeorgLopez. If you get that reference, you are a wonderful person.
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#33TjianPosted 11/12/2013 8:25:05 AM
Jynx named Bad Romance.
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#34Emp0le0nPosted 11/12/2013 8:25:57 AM
Some guy traded me a Gengar named GengnamStyle.
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