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Are there any hidden abilities we'll lose access to when the Dream World closes?

#21Gsus_94Posted 11/9/2013 4:15:39 PM
LyokoNinja posted...
Searching through the Sparkling Sea page on serebii, I've found a bunch of HA's we may lose, mainly pokes that are fishing only.

Damp Horsea
Lightningrod Goldeen
Analytic Staryu
Water Absorb Laturn
Intimidate Qwilfish (Unfortunately incompatible with Swords Dance, AGAIN)
Water Veil Mantyke
Pressure Wailmer
Hydration Barboach
Stury Relicanth
Hydration Luvdisc
Water Veil Lumineon
Mold Breaker Basculin
Regenerator Alomomola
Rain Dish Tentacool
Speed Boost Carvahna
Cute Charm Milotic

Why can't you breed them when we get access to the is it possible to lose any HA pokemon...
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#22LyokoNinja(Topic Creator)Posted 11/9/2013 4:16:49 PM
If someone doesn't want to have to trade for ALL of these abilities, now would be the time to get the ones they want from the DW.
#23mnkboy907Posted 11/9/2013 4:52:21 PM
Going by Serebii's lists, the following Pokemon aren't found in hordes or the Friend Safari (ignoring legendaries and the other starters):

Raticate - Hustle
Persian - Unnerve
Tentacruel - Rain Dish
Kangaskhan - Inner Focus
Seaking - Lightningrod
Starmie - Analytic
Omastar - Weak Armor
Kabutops - Weak Armor
Aerodactyl - Unnerve
Snorlax - Gluttony
Furret - Frisk
Lanturn - Water Absorb
Qwilfish - Intimidate
Mantine - Water Veil
Kingdra - Damp
Stantler - Sap Sipper
Linoone - Quick Feet
Delcatty - Wonder Skin
Sharpedo - Speed Boost
Wailord - Pressure
Torkoal - Shell Armor
Whiscash - Hydration
Cradily - Storm Drain
Armaldo - Swift Swim
Milotic - Cute Charm
Huntail - Water Veil
Gorebyss - Hydration
Relicanth - Sturdy
Luvdisc - Hydration
Kricketune - Technician
Rampardos - Sheer Force
Bastiodon - Soundproof
Wormadam - Overcoat
Mothim - Tinted Lens
Lopunny - Limber
Purugly - Defiant
Chatot - Big Pecks
Hippowdon - Sand Force
Lumineon - Water Veil
Porygon-Z - Analytic
Watchog - Analytic
Whimsicott - Chlorophyll
Basculin - Mold Breaker
Darmanitan - Zen Mode
Carracosta - Swift Swim
Escavalier - Overcoat
Jellicent - Damp
Alomomola - Regenerator
Beheeyem - Analytic
Accelgor - Unburden
Bouffalant - Soundproof
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#24HalecticPosted 11/9/2013 5:10:30 PM
Great_Reapette posted...
Shadow Tag Chandelure will just become a fantasy again.

It always was a fantasy, it was never released, same with Contrary Snivy
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#25aDirtyShisnoPosted 11/9/2013 5:43:58 PM
mnkboy907 posted...
Going by Serebii's lists, the following Pokemon aren't found in hordes or the Friend Safari (ignoring legendaries and the other starters):


Darmanitan - Zen Mode

FYI, you can catch a Zen Mode Darmanitan in Black and White. You don't need the Dream World for that one.
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