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Favourite shiny Pokemon?

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User Info: TheCoolz

3 years ago#11
field_is_2_shor posted...
TheCoolz posted...

Rapidash has black flames, pretty sick imo.

it has silver flames, not black, I have a shiny rapidash on b/b2 idk which of the 2.

Oh, silly me. I was looking at the pic with a very dark colour on the background so it made the colour stand out less.
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User Info: GengarHaunting

3 years ago#12
Whipzioki posted...
Gyarados, so rare. Also, I like the fact that mega gyrados looks like a giant shrimp

I actually have a shiny Magikarp that I am training at the moment to replace my Blastoise.
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User Info: OliverTehOmfa

3 years ago#13
All Gens: Metagross/Rapidash/Sandslash(kinda ruined this gen)
This Gen: Aegislash
3DS FC: 1891-1230-9741

User Info: Mr_Bossgodora

3 years ago#14
Metagross, Jirachi, and Rayquaza.
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