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if you level up shroomish to learn spore, can breloom relearn mach punch?

#1SpankedEaglePosted 11/10/2013 10:32:57 AM

I had a larvesta evolve at 60,but it was able to relearn quiver dance. Just wondering if that'll apply here.
#2Tigo73Posted 11/10/2013 10:33:30 AM
Yes, through the usual heart scale method. I actually just did this a few hours ago, so I can confirm.
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#3Flow_149Posted 11/10/2013 10:33:45 AM
indeed it can.
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#4EmuchuPosted 11/10/2013 10:22:48 PM
On the flipside, if you level your Shroomish to lv.45 to learn Spore, and evolve it into a Breloom, and then later decide to remove Spore (which is surprisingly common, since the SubPunch set is declining in popularity), you can't get any of your Shroomish moves back via Heart Scales.

I'm a little upset about this, actually. I've heard people confirm that Egg Moves can be relearned, so I was hoping Pre-Evolution Moves could be, too. It makes it a little harder to experiment with Move sets.
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