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What's your pokemon type?

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User Info: slacker3222

3 years ago#321

Hope I'm fast with strong attack (or special) since that is a pretty horrible defensive typing.
Gamertag - slacker322

User Info: Blaze_Kick

3 years ago#322
Ice/Steel. Yikes
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User Info: metroxil

3 years ago#323
KillerMechanoid posted...
Electric/Poison. One day later and I would've been Magenezone.
Ability: Levitate.

F Yeah! Only one weakness!

Psychic - Ground

User Info: Drknmnky56

3 years ago#324
Water/psychic. I'm the slowpoke line. Not bad.
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User Info: 7gregisbest7

3 years ago#325

Not too bad
3DS Greg FC - 1676-3664-3021

User Info: FireMagmor

3 years ago#326
Lol, actually mine is the same as one of my favorites :_D Fire/bug so Volcarona for the win ^^ also i have to say that my name has Fire in it and my safari is fire but my IGN is Bug so... simply epic XD
3DS IGN: Bug
0559-7861-7260 Fire safari: Slugma,Ninetales,Ponyta

User Info: OHJOY90

3 years ago#327
Ground Fairy

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User Info: Netrunui1

3 years ago#328
Normal/normal :(
3DS FC: 1203-9220-8783

User Info: Sticky_Derp

3 years ago#329
zrh5033 posted...

I am Volcarona hear me buzz!

and we have the same b-day lolz

also I love stealth "give me some of your information" topics
Fox news get's a pass because they have to go against reality's liberal bias. - SilentS89

User Info: Phonzyy

3 years ago#330
Dark & Bug.. Pretty cool.
3DS FC: 4124-6218-5813
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