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Your favorite pokemon

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User Info: SonOfAsandworm

3 years ago#1
Of each type. From each generation.

I always see topics like this asking people to narrow it down to a dozen, or even just one. I'm a bit ocd, so I find it very hard to do that. So here's mine, and of course feel free to post your own.

And since gen 1 only has one dark type (mega gyarados) and two steel types, you can feel free to leave those out. And I guess a lot of gens have slim pickings for a few types, so...

Normal: Kangaskhan, Ursaring, Zangoose, Porygon-Z, Cinccino, Furfrou. Overall i'd say my favorite is Porygon-Z
Fire: Arcanine, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Heatran, Darmanitan, Talonflame. Overall, Darmanitan.
Fighting: Primeape, Hitmontop, Breloom, Toxicroak, Mienshao, Hawlucha. Overall, Hawlucha.
Water: Blastoise, Quagsire, Swampert, Floatzel, Simipour, Clawitzer. Overall, Swampert.
Flying: Fearow, Ho-oh, Altaria, Staraptor, Braviary, Yveltal. Overall, Staraptor.
Grass: Victreebel, Bellossom, Cacturne, Roserade, Lilligant, Gogoat. Overall, Roserade.
Poison: Tentacruel, Crobat, Seviper, Drapion, Scolipede, Dragalge. Overall, Tentacruel
Electric: Zapdos, Lanturn, Manectric, Electivire, Thundurus, Heliolisk. Overall, Thundurus.
Ground: Marowak, Steelix, Flygon, Gliscor, Excadrill, Diggersby. Overall, Flygon.
Psychic: Starmie, Xatu, Gardevoir, Azelf, Beheeyem, Meowstic. Overall, Xatu.
Rock: Omastar, Sudowoodo, Cradily, Rampardos, Gigalith, Diancie (if real, and I think it is) Overall, Rampardos.
Ice: Cloyster, Delibird, Walrein, Weavile, Vanilluxe, Avalugg. Overall, Weavile.
Bug: Venomoth, Scizor, Masquerain, Yanmega, Escavalier, Vivillon. Overall, Venomoth.
Dragon: Dragonite, Kingdra, Rayquaza, Giratina, Hydreigon, Tyrantrum. Overall, Hydreigon.
Ghost: Gengar, Misdreavus, Shedinja, Rotom, Cofagrigus, Trevenant. Overall, Shedinja.
Dark: Gyarados, Umbreon, Absol, Darkrai, Zoroark, Greninja. Overall, Absol.
Steel: Magneton, Skarmory, Aggron, Magnezone, Klinklang, Aegislash. Overall, Aegislash.
Fairy: Clefable, Azumarill, Mawile, Togekiss, Whimsicott, Xerneas. overall, Mawile.
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