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Black or White 2

#11FryDays5000Posted 11/11/2013 2:46:22 AM
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Ok, Does breeding for IVs work the same in White 2? And can you get a Ho-Oh?

Yes they still work the same as the previous games. And yes, you can get a Ho-Oh. You just need somebody with a HeartGold cartridge to obtain the legendary in the separate 3DS app "Dream Radar" that only works exclusively with Black 2/White 2

Why do I need a HeartGold cartridge?
Puting the Gen 4 game in the 3DS slot triggers the level to catch the version mascot of one those games

So I just have to stick it in thats all? What other games does it work for? And is Dream Radar free to download?

Yes,look at the link again, and no it only costs 3 dollars
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