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What pokemon "NEED" gems? (Archived)ThornAernought109/16 2:44PM
When did you learn about STAB? (Archived)
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assassinCrash949/16 2:40PM
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Mega Gallade vs Mega Medicham (Archived)
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BouncingFish139/16 2:28PM
Disconnecters can burn in hell. (Archived)
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pikachupwnage299/16 2:26PM
Is there an item that lengthens trick room? (Archived)SiniSister_639/16 2:24PM
I just hope Mega Gallade will not be outclassed by Mega Medicham (Archived)
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Starmence319/16 2:21PM
Does the National Ribbon prevent trading a Pokemon on the GTS? (Archived)Effect_Veiler39/16 1:47PM
New Pokemon Game Names? (Archived)
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L1GUY149/16 1:43PM
today is the last day for heracross/pinsir rite? (Archived)Thegreekweezel29/16 1:20PM
What is Mega Latios' most viable set? (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY329/16 1:18PM
Which will happen first: Pokecheck ends maintenance, or Nuzlocke comic updated? (Poll)OrangeCrush98049/16 1:08PM
Can you wait too long to do EV training? (Archived)Raroia49/16 1:05PM
Starter tier list - is this accurate? (Archived)
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Raroia599/16 12:57PM
Horde appearance % question (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger29/16 12:37PM
What sort of xerneas would you run? (Poll)LightningAce11109/16 12:20PM
Who is the most handsome pokemon? (Lady mons are also accepted) (Archived)
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KReborn229/16 12:06PM
Best nature for hidden abilty male and female meowstics? (Archived)JakeDorazio39/16 12:02PM
How do gamestop events work (Archived)MilaxMinium59/16 12:01PM
Pokemon Starter Tournament Round 2, Battle 9 (Poll)mninp19/16 11:36AM