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What would be a great team to fight others with? (Archived)Chibi Sailor Rinoa109/25 6:25PM
Anyone Else Thinks Aromatisse Looks Like A Furby? (Archived)
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GGuitarGuy95199/25 6:22PM
Which Pokeball should I use to catch the Kalos legendaries? (Archived)
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XxOblivion77219/25 5:33PM
Its Happening...! The Castle on the Seabed with Skrelp and Dragalge is airing! (Archived)
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MissCarriage199/25 5:26PM
I need help making up my mind. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry119/25 4:51PM
What should I masuda method breed? (Poll)Iwinmewin59/25 4:51PM
What is a good ev spread for an impish spiritomb? (Archived)Darkrailove29/25 4:29PM
There seriously HAS to be a way to get 6v6 games consistently on cart (Archived)
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XxOblivion77259/25 4:26PM
what's considered the hardest section of battle maison? (Archived)
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videogamepharoh189/25 4:18PM
Best way to play in-game? How do I make it more challenging or fun? (Archived)
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XxOblivion77189/25 4:06PM
LF 5iv+ latias and reshiram (Archived)Angevon39/25 3:58PM
Pokemon Starter Tournament Round 3, Battle 5 (Poll)mninp19/25 3:26PM
Tips to completing dex? (Archived)Disco550569/25 3:23PM
There should be a hermit crab pokemon. (Archived)
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Jaricko119/25 3:10PM
Is it a bad idea to use Powersaves Pro while the Powersaves server is busy? (Archived)Epic_McDude89/25 2:38PM
Change one type of a pokemon, does it become OP? (Archived)pyojune49/25 2:23PM
How much do you like this Gen 5 Pokemon-Serperior line (Poll)
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Tyranidomega119/25 2:18PM
YR: the puzzle system is altered in Gen 7. (Archived)Defender3141549/25 2:11PM
Proof that it be' time fer Dragalge to sink to the murky depths of PU (Archived)
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CptZangoose759/25 2:10PM
Fire Emblem Awakening based nickname for a Male Togekiss? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
PokemonFan665239/25 1:33PM