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Star Wars Pokemon (Archived)
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Col_Mobius2511/20 7:51AM
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Should I buy a lotto ticket? (Archived)F1areaGaman311/20 5:13AM
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Desribe Diantha in 2-3 words (Archived)
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L1GUY7111/20 3:58AM
I have 2 perfect Magnemite and don't which one I should go with. (Archived)Rags_2_Riches511/20 2:52AM
Gamefaq Trading Board Rule Question. (Archived)greatergrail211/20 1:54AM
What happens when you no longer need to use an item slot for a mega (Archived)Finally_Im_Back911/20 12:06AM
rate my team and help (Archived)
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anthbarr19941211/19 11:58PM
Best Pokemon from each type day 1: Normal (Poll)
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Lobster442211/19 9:42PM
I just barely beat someone who used a full uber competitive team. (Archived)CarefreeDude711/19 9:35PM
It's no coincidence that Showdown gets hacked 45 days after Ash vs. Smogon ended (Archived)Muffinz0rz811/19 8:51PM
YR: Mega Snorlax gets ExtremeSpeed (Archived)Gilberto611/19 8:48PM
Would this be a cool idea? (read post below) and... (Poll)strider_123611/19 8:22PM
Random 6 playthrough (Archived)bluehatdude411/19 8:18PM
Moltres Moveset Suggestion (Archived)
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RedJirachi1111/19 7:53PM
Drapion > Mega-mence (Archived)Moe_Lester_13211/19 7:29PM