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What Kind of Pokemon of you? (new version)

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3 years ago#1
Just decided to update one of my favorite Poke'raps. It was a little tricky since I had to incorporate Dark, Steel, and Fairy into the song without lengthening it. Here are the revised portions.

Meet a Fairy-Type named Sylveon,
Darkly Dragons beware your reign is now done!
Aegislash for your Ghostly attack
Then you Bug them out with little Spinarak!

Don't you Ground me, with a Hippowdon
For those Icy Types the match is won
Hey, Throh, let's go, love your Fighting stance
But unfortunately for Normal they don't stand a chance

Meld Fire with Flyer soar, Talonflame!
Think smarter with Water just to up your game
Thunder's in order if you pick Electric
Delphox is the best 'cause its part Psychic

Venusaur is the king when you go with Grass
And you can Rock with Steel like Probopass
Dragalge's your ace when you choose Poison
But the secret to your strength is Mega-Evolution!
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
I was reading along like "Hmm, cute. This is good."

Then I got to Probopass

BEST REMAKE SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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3 years ago#5
Pretty nice remake.
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