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Biggest pokemon boners you've ever made.

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User Info: HappyUnicorn101

3 years ago#1


What is the biggest or most foolish mistake you've ever made in pokemon?

Mine was thinking I was a beast in D/P thinking I caught a shiny Hippowdan. I caught in years ago when D/P first came out. i literally found out this past thursday that ALL FEMALE Hippowdons are black.
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User Info: NaughtyGhost

3 years ago#2
You know why you made this topic.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

3 years ago#3
NaughtyGhost posted...
You know why you made this topic.

Of course you - with your sig - would be the one to point that out.
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User Info: Dirtcruncher

3 years ago#4
I've never really screwed up in a pokemon game, but I remember countless times in paper mario when tayce t. gave me a boner.
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User Info: JakeisaLie

3 years ago#5
Gardevoir using fla- *is shot*

in seriousness though, I was fighting the pokemon league in Diamond once and accidentally made my strongest pokemon use explosion... on Cynthia's Spiritomb...

User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#6
Used Master Ball on Rattata.
Killed shinies on purpose.
Ran from shinies on purpose.

Uh... I don't think any of those count, though...

Well. I got nothing.

User Info: IronChef_Kirby

3 years ago#7
Way back when I was a second grader playing Pokemon Blue, I squandered my Toxic TM on my Fearow simply because I couldn't believe my Fearow could actually learn Toxic and had to see it for myself.
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User Info: the_NGW

3 years ago#8
Opponent has Zoroark out at ~half health (may have been a touch less), I have Mega Gengar. We're both on our last Pokemon. I debate between dropping a Sub, expecting him to sucker punch, or just go for that last hit and end it right there.

I go greedy, and get sucker punched.

I should have dropped the damn sub.
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User Info: munez

3 years ago#9
Also back in pokemon blue, I thought it was smart to only use a bulbasaur up to the elite 4. Then proceeded to continually get trounced until it leveled to 100 =\
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