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Super Training Hit Strength?

#1GorilliamsPosted 11/11/2013 6:30:43 AM
What controls how much damage you do in Super Training? I know about the different types of balls, but what exactly sets how much damage you do when you hit? Is it just controlled by Attack stat?

With two different level 100s, each with a different ball type (one is Orange, one is the 'fast' one) but they both do the exact same damage. I saw a youtube vid where the guy was doing 4x the damage I do, so something is affecting it.
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#2Philip027Posted 11/11/2013 6:33:37 AM
Well, I don't know all the factors but Sp. Attack affects "damage" too.
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#3banjo kazooiePosted 11/11/2013 6:37:26 AM
Hold the stylus on the screen to charge. When your aura turns red, fire, or you'll fizzle and be immobilised.
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