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Pokemon that suck in battle but could be a lot better if they had better stats..

#1matthewthemanPosted 11/11/2013 7:26:09 AM

There are many Pokemon that could be good but aren't due to poor stats.
Let's discuss these Pokemon.

One example is Dunsparce. It has a great ability and good movepool to go with it, along with good HP, but suffers from mediocrity in its other defensives stats as well as its offensive ones and the other big problem is its poor speed. If it just had better stats, it could be a lot better. Out speeding your opponent is a key aspect any flincher must do, or else it can't flinch, and a good speed stat (preferably at least 100 or so) would ensure it outspeeds damn near everything after paralyzing them and would make getting paralyzed itself less crippling as assuming it paralyzed its opponent as well it would still most likely outspeed it. Better defenses could help its bulk, but aren't that big of a problem. A good attack stat of at least say 100 or so could negate the need of a coil boost and free up an attack slot that could be used for something like a second flinch move for better coverage, a coverage move, or maybe even a confusion move so one could go for ParaFlinchFusion.

Another example is Farfetch'd. It has a neat exclusive item, a nice ability, and a pretty good movepool, but suffers from crappy stats. If it had good attack and speed stats it could make for an excellent glass canon, and if it got good defenses as well it could make for a good bulky sweeper. It definitely could be a great sweeper if it only had better stats.

Those are some examples I thought of. What are some other Pokemon you guys can think of that also have good potential due to ability, movepool, etc. but are lacking in the stats department?
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#2MaruKazeryuPosted 11/11/2013 7:27:33 AM
female meowstic. it looks like they were going for a weaker but sturdier Alakazam with her. she could use just a little boost to her defenses
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#3CakeOfLiesPosted 11/11/2013 7:28:51 AM
If that thing simply had a massive Sp. Attack stat, all of its problems would be fixed.
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#4lordlugia_rocksPosted 11/11/2013 7:50:37 AM
Shiftry. It has a pretty solid movepool with Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Dark Pulse, Sucker punch, Focus Blast, Seed Bomb, Swords Dance, and Nasty Plot... but it's stats are really subpar. 90 SpA and 100 Atk doesn't cut it.
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#5matthewtheman(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2013 8:00:36 AM
CakeOfLies posted...
If that thing simply had a massive Sp. Attack stat, all of its problems would be fixed.

They should give it 230 Sp. Atk. Shuckle level extremeness at the cost of only learning one move.
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#6SAfricanGamerPosted 11/11/2013 8:04:21 AM
#7MusourenkaPosted 11/11/2013 8:06:19 AM
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#8NegaZeldaPosted 11/11/2013 8:19:19 AM
Castform. It really needs a better everything to be able to take advantage of weather like it wants to. Especially with weather nerf now (like you'd ever see Castform alongside Politoed, Ninetales or Abomasnow last Gen, but I digress).
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#9Genericgamer667Posted 11/11/2013 8:20:14 AM
uhhhhhh topic is kinda obvious isn't it

pretty much applies to every single pokemon in existance
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#10deidara21Posted 11/11/2013 8:20:14 AM
Literally every pokemon
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