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the generation gap...

#1pikachuboy7Posted 11/11/2013 11:21:44 AM
So, for a school art project I wanted to have a picture full of Pikachu (since that is the most owned Pokemon I have merch-wise) with my GameBoy a few toys and my Pikachu 3DsXL and on my GameBoy I wanted to have Red version on with a "Wild Pikachu appeared!" on the screen... so in my red I am far from the Power plant where Pikachu are most common so naturally I decided to play up to the point where I have surf (and of course I turned on the game in the middle of Rock Tunnel so I was hopelessly lost and a Lass decides to battle me and sends out a Jigglypuff against my Machoke... and my initial thought is "Oh crap, my Machoke is doomed against its fairy type!" then I remembered Fairy is a new thing only for XY...

TL;DR: I play too much XY now Gen1 feels weird
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