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ITT things pokemon are not.

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User Info: newer_LIE

3 years ago#1
I'll start.

kyurem is NOT an effective babysitter.

charizard is NOT a good geologist.

squirtle is NOT a security guard.

gliscor is NOT something you want to surprise you in the bathroom.
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User Info: NME_Enterprises

3 years ago#2
gardevoir is NOT your waifu

she's mine
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User Info: NecrosexuaI

3 years ago#3
pokemon is not a base for your anti- or pro-feminist argument
sorry, it had to be said. -u-

lopunny is not your toy -u-
scolipede is not your horse -u-
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User Info: KRDsonic

3 years ago#4
Sudowoodo is NOT a tree.
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User Info: endgel

3 years ago#5
Pokémon are not anything that isn't a Pokémon.
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User Info: CreepyAndNice

3 years ago#6
Pokémon are NOT real.

Ouch! Unnecessary roughness!
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User Info: rayneotacon

3 years ago#7
CreepyAndNice posted...
Pokémon are NOT real.


Someone needs to tell PETA this.

User Info: Pencil

3 years ago#8
NME_Enterprises posted...
gardevoir is NOT your waifu

she's mine

Sad to say... but she's actually a man.
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User Info: NessEggman

3 years ago#9
Vanillish is NOT ice cream.

Srsly guys, it's not :(
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#10
Lopunny is NOT a playboy bunny

Meloetta is NOT Lady Gaga

Vanilluxe is NOT Ice Cream

Magneton is NOT three Magnemites stuck together

Magmar does NOT have a butt for a face

Stunfisk is NOT a Derpy Pancake

Delphox is NOT a witch
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