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Black Sludge

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3 years ago#1
Hey does anyone know if you can use thief to steal some black sludge? If so, from what pokemon and where? I read on serebii Muk.. does anyone have a muk safari they're willing to share? :D
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3 years ago#2
FC: 4511-1073-8215
3 years ago#3
i have a spare black sludge.. are you offering anything btw..
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3 years ago#4
fainted compoundeyes pokemon in first slot
pokemon with frisk ability, thief, and no held item

go wild in friend safari

otherwise if you're trading or swapping FCs then you're in the wrong boards
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3 years ago#5
Wild Garbodor can hold Black Sludge. If you see a shaking garbage can in Pokémon Village, save your game in front of it and keep resetting until a Garbodor appears from it.
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