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Finally have my first 6 IV Pokemon!

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User Info: Hydreigoon

3 years ago#1
Feels great! What was your first 6 IV Pokemon?
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User Info: Raltrios

3 years ago#2
An Eevee. Traded it for a perfect Vulpix holding Mewtwonite X.
Feels good.
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User Info: Thundred

3 years ago#3
I have one.. Scizor.
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User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

3 years ago#4
My first was Bullet Punch Riolu. Second was Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Pursuit Larvitar.
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User Info: Rizaadon007

3 years ago#5
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes adults flying through a portal in the sky.
-NettoSaito on the children characters in Fire Emblem Awakening.

User Info: Book_Maker

3 years ago#6
Ddance Sheer Force Bagon
I was so happy :)
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User Info: Damanax

3 years ago#7
Mawile was my first 6IV. I also have 2 6IV clefairys and a togetic now :)
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User Info: Shyvana

3 years ago#8
Timid female Noibat was my first 6 IV'd poke.
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User Info: LegoTechnic

3 years ago#9
A mawile. It has become a team centerpiece since.
Bane even prayed for Dick when he became Batman. -- Frostbite_Zero

User Info: Baseball4Lyfe85

3 years ago#10
Too bad it's sassy
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