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Gale Wings question

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3 years ago#1
Just curious, but is the priority effect of a two-turn move such as Fly also taken into account on the second turn?

I was thinking about running a gimmicky Iron Ball/Gale Wings/Fly set in a similar vain as Prankster Liepard but I'm not completely sure if the mechanics allow for it.

(I don't have a Gale Wings Fletchling so I can't test this out myself)
3 years ago#2
What's the Iron Ball for? And yeah, Fly gets priority on both turns.
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3 years ago#3
if it works like Prankster Metronome choosing Fly Gale Wings will only work on the first turn
3 years ago#4
Ah, alright then.

In the Liepard set I mentioned, Iron ball coupled with an Assisted Shadow force/Dive/Dig/whatever would pretty much make it untouchable since it would always hit last.
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