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Make a new "Pokemon" by changing one letter in a Pokemon's name

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2 years ago#1
Idea from the change a letter in an attacks name.

You can add a letter, change a letter, or remove a letter.

Describe the new "Pokémon".
2 years ago#2
The STD Pokémon
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2 years ago#3
Zapdos with an F somewhere in there... I'd rather not go there
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2 years ago#4
The wife of Arceus and the Goddess of all Pokemon.
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2 years ago#5
2 years ago#6
When you say "change one letter" do you mean "change one single letter" or "change all instances of the chosen letter"

Because if it's the latter I have an excellent offensive idea for Bulbasaur

I'm guessing you mean the former though so the first thought I had was Hellossom--Dark-type evo of Gloom

Everything else I can think of is offensive
(message deleted)
2 years ago#8
Companion_Cube_ posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Wow, whatever this was it got modded so fast that it was already gone by the time the website brought me back to this topic following hitting the "post" button after my first post in this topic. My post was two seconds before his. So this probably got modded less than ten seconds after it got posted.

That's... impressive.

EDIT: And he got suspended for it o.o Jeez some mod absolutely sniped that. I really want to know what it was now.
2 years ago#9
"Wynx" (from jynx)
Flying type
A winged Lynx like pokemon. Fierce hunter of the woods, but very timid among bigger creatures.
Evolves into "Volurk" (Golurk, it. "volare" means "to fly", lurk from lurking on its prey) a hyppogryph pokemon.
Xerneas, the gay-pride Pokemon
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2 years ago#10
Mengar, the manly ghost.
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