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People are actually hunting down other people for shinies.

#61ShadowUmbreon42(Topic Creator)Posted 11/20/2013 8:31:57 AM
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I learned a lot from this thread. Including the fact that the Internet has no idea what the word "pleb" means.

I would have thought pleb, came from plebeian

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I'll refuse the trade if I don't get something good out of it. Not gonna let people cheat for free :D


That's collecting information, which is a minor ToS infringement under harassment and privacy if I'm not mistaken

You posted it on a public forum. You lost all rights to privacy.

Rules are rules, you're collecting his data (and publically admitting it to get a reaction, so that's trolling too, I guess?) with the intent to use it against him in a malicious manner.

I'd call that harassment tbh

You don't know anything about law at all do you? Whatever you post on a forum such as this does not fall under rights to privacy. Now, if he collected things like name, address, email and PMs, that would be an infringement of privacy; but posts on an open forum are free reign.