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You are in bed with your significant other...

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User Info: meteor9898

3 years ago#1
You are just finishing a night of passion, when you suddenly decide to conclude with a pokemon attack. You use...

"Worry seed"

Well, we better be worried. I didn't use protection! D:

User Info: Zargerth

3 years ago#2

That's rough stuff.

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#3
Gunk Shot.
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User Info: Damanax

3 years ago#4
Karate Chop

What can I say?
FC: 1762-2695-5319 - IGN: Connor - FS Sandile, Nuzleaf, Sableye

User Info: iou5bucks

3 years ago#5
Good luck, and have a nice war!

User Info: Rhyten

3 years ago#6
Psyshock! :)
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User Info: DeathChaos25

3 years ago#7
String Shot...
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

3 years ago#8
Dragon Rush... Guess that means I'm up for another round?
3DS: 3351-4111-5844 FS: Excadrill, Forretress, Mawile
The Official Goomy of the Pokemon X/Y Boards

User Info: Latias007

3 years ago#9
Foresight? I guess we wait a bit and I finish in a few turns, lol.
To die is easy, to live is hard. Nobody ever wants to achieve what's easy.

User Info: 91UKGamer

3 years ago#10
Arm Thrust...OK
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