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I think Pokemon who have been made shiny by trade will be banned

#31RPGgamemaster6(Topic Creator)Posted 11/20/2013 1:30:42 PM
Traitor_Kratos posted...
GameFreak is obviously trying to make hacking unnecessary. Most Pokemon hacked in are perfect IV and shiny. They already made getting perfect IVs easy as hell so this is probably the same idea but with shiny Pokemon. I think their thought process is with these two things being easily achievable, there's no reason to hack.

obviously GF wants to turn people away from blatant hacking, they could have release Pokébank at launch but then most would overlook how simple they made breeding and training Pokémon. They even made catching shinies easy with higher encounter rates in safies and horde battles. With all these changes do you guys really think they're "we don't mind" about capturing the SV of Pokémon and getting them through trades? Why even bother making new shiny mechanics? In the end this is all speculation. I just wanted to say watch out for those who are doing it.

Since some people want to think I've said in some earlier post what my opinion on the subject is I will say it now. I use Pokégen and could care less what anyone does, I just upgraded to Windows 8.1 and have been busy re-installing stuff but will be setting up my laptop for catching SV of Pokémon like the rest. Doesn't mean I can't think about the consequences of my actions.

End of supposed rant.
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