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Which gen had the best/worst level design?

#21iKhan88(Topic Creator)Posted 11/22/2013 11:37:27 PM
Soothesayer posted...
I like mazes, just not in games focused around encounters, which pokemon is.

And Unova had dungeons by a gaming definition, simple or not. You're really oversimplifying them.

See, I can never really enjoy any turn-based game for it's battle system, and I certainly can't enjoy any RPG over another in the same series simply due to minor changes. I go into an RPG expecting a complete experience of growth mechanics, battle system, overworld design, and dungeon design.

And no. Really aside from Iris's gym, there were pretty much no dungeons at all. A dungeon is supposed to make you feel like you figured something out. Even if it's simple and was figured out quickly. But there are little to no points in B/W where you have to figure anything out. Which is why I was so disappointed in those games. X/Y seems to have brought puzzles back, much to my pleasure.
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