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Why was this pokemon even made?

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3 years ago#161
lickylicky is creepy

japan is creepy

makes sense
3 years ago#162
Lets try this again...


Obviously they thought there wasnt enough frogs in the Pokémon world. Plus the French sure do like their frogs legs.
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3 years ago#163
Froakie isn't just a frog though, it's a pokemon based off the frog ninja of myth, Jiraya, just like how Infernape is based off sun wukong and isn't just "another monkey."
3 years ago#164

Crustle. Well, I guess this Japanese dude was sitting in a room at work, and he was like "Whoa dudes I got it. So, there's this hermit crab, right? Well, lets put a really big rock on him. And also, let's make him not Water!"
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3 years ago#165
P00DGE posted...
The real question is why was THIS Pokemon never made?

Is it bad that I got a butterfree+primape...

...resulting in BUTTERAPE?
3 years ago#166
Why was Phione made? It's literally a worse version of Manaphy that NOBODY needs. It can't learn that many good moves, it has a horrible 480 BST, and it can't even evolve into Manaphy. Game Freak just made it so Phione could feel bad as it knows it will never be as good as Manaphy. Game Freak's running out of ideas. *rolls eyes*
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2 years ago#167
Entei? To fill in the legendary spot missing. And because its fu**ing badass. For the most part.
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