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Ah, found my first rager on this game.

#11Pervert_KuhnPosted 11/29/2013 7:13:56 PM
Octaivian_Rex posted...
Blaziken is strong but he can't complain since it isn't banned in the game and he didn't request otherwise.

Considering it was a random passerby battle, it would have been impossible to request otherwise. But yeah, I agree.
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#12SlytherSlayerPosted 11/29/2013 7:15:41 PM
"Your trash"? Shouldda told him to learn his grammar better.
#13Metal Gear RaxisPosted 11/29/2013 7:17:19 PM
Lol, last night I battled a guy with Mewtwo, Yveltal, Zygarde, Blaziken, Talonflame, and some other sixth pokemon I don't recall.

I WAS going to try to put up a valiant fight, and then I realized I put my HM slave Charizard into my team by accident rather than my actual battler Charizard.

Many facepalms were to be had. On the plus side, I promptly released Slavizard. Don't wanna make that mistake again.
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#14DunnoBroPosted 11/29/2013 7:17:42 PM
GloryChaos posted...
Sounds like your opponent was bad. Who uses non-STAB shadow ball on Rotom-W? And a DD dragonite without fire punch?

Ghosts in the in-game meta are more relevant than water weak, also trick Rotom-w with shadow ball makes a better partner for mega kanga to deal with ghosts, talonflame, and ferrothorn, all of mega kangas weaknesses
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