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Special attackers?

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User Info: mushman123

3 years ago#11
8BP-Quilava posted...
Well, I want one that's fast, doesn't die when something sneezes on it, and doesn't require a mega evolution, since the mega slot is reserved by my Mawile.

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User Info: TheCoolz

3 years ago#12
I love bulky Clawitzer. I don't know why but slapping Assault Vest on it and tanking SE moves just feels so good.
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User Info: zantx

3 years ago#13
I use Gengar, Starmie and Latios (SS, B2... waiting for bank to use it in X) as my special attackers. I also had a Hydreigon but its speed is a bit too slow for my liking.

User Info: ronsocute124

3 years ago#14
8BP-Quilava posted...
Right now I am trying to decide between Espeon and Jolteon. Any suggestions? Are there better special attackers I should know about? (I have Protean Froakie already >.>)

Suit yourself and besides there are 700+ Pokemon to choose from,One way to do this would be to know the match ups of strengths and weaknesses in "Pokemon X and Y" when facing a particular Pokemon type

User Info: Soulstrikes

3 years ago#15
hydreigon is a reasonably tanky special attacker.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

3 years ago#16
Choice Scarf Goodra.
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